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LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting is an educational tool that can inform and support your prospective clients. Often times Intended Parents are just starting their research and will have a multitude of questions before they feel comfortable hiring an agency, attorney or clinic to help them with their family building plans. It is in the best interest of Intended Parents and the professionals that they choose to work with to have most of these questions answered and research done especially for third party reproduction.
You, as a professional in surrogacy and egg donation, can feel confident in our LaMothe Surrogacy Consultants helping your prospective clients understand the basics of Third Party Family Formation. We have a comprehensive packet of materials that we send our Intended Parents and couple that with a 3-5 hour consulting session. Sending your prospective client to us and then, when they return to you ready to utilize your services, offering them a discount to cover this consulting program assures all involved a smoother transition from prospective, uninformed client to Intended Parents who know what to expect from this very overwhelming process of surrogacy and egg donation. Read what other A.R.T. professionals have to say about working with LaMothe Services and Sharon LaMothe.
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