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"The key to wisdom is knowing all the right questions." ~John A. Simone
Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. ~ Alexander Graham Bell
One of the key elements is the ability to be honest with yourself. ~Bill Toomey
Action is the foundational key to all success. ~Pablo Picasso
The key to why things change is the key to everything. ~James E. Burke
Optimism is the key. ~Will Champion
The key to change... is to let go of fear. ~Rosanne Cash
Our Surrogacy Consultants

LaMothe Surrogacy Consultants are past Gestational Carriers who have real life people skills and experience to assist Intended Parents and Surrogates through the maze of building a family with this 'third party' option. We are in the process of adding more consultants from different regions of the United States and all LaMothe Surrogacy Consultants are trained by Sharon LaMothe, a recognized Third Party Family Building expert, former surrogacy agency owner and trusted partner to many within the infertility field. Please visit our Recommendation Page and know that references are available upon request. 

Sharon LaMothe~ West Coast Surrogacy Consultant
Sharon LaMothe has been in the Infertility Industry since 1998 when she signed her first Gestational Surrogacy contract. She subsequently gave birth to twin girls and in 2000 was invited to join a FL law firm recruiting and managing surrogacy arrangements.  After leaving the legal arena in 2003, Sharon then co-owned and operated Surrogacy Consultants of Florida, LLC, the first successful independent surrogacy agency in Florida. Sharon's responsibilities as an agency owner included interviewing new Surrogates/Carriers, educating and assisting Intended Parents and Surrogates/Carriers, managing relationships, mediation, and acting as liaison between clinics and doctors, attorneys, mental health professionals and other experts in the reproductive field. In January 2005 Sharon once again became a Gestational Carrier and gave birth to girl/boy twins for a same sex New York couple using an Egg Donor.

Sharon's educational background includes a Social Services major which encompassed classes in Crisis Identification and Intervention, Interviewing and Counseling, Communication in Groups and Organizations. Sharon's continuing education classes include Total Quality Management (TQM) and Shared Decision Making.  She has offered her unique perspectives and expertise by holding round table discussions and speaking on the topic of Surrogacy and Third Party Family Building for SMART ART, ASRM, RESOLVE, American Fertility Association, Fertile Dreams, American Association of Tissue Banks, Microsoft, LABS-Inc, and by arranging staff development luncheons and meetings with various clinics, hospitals and law offices. Sharon also sits on the board of Fertile Action, Fertility Within Reach, and a Family of My Own. She is the owner of LaMothe Services, LLC  and Infertility Answers. Sharon is available for in home consultations for those residing within Greater Seattle and will travel out side of the area as needed. She is also the main consultant for all of our International Intended Parents. Sharon is married with two children and currently resides in the Seattle area of Washington State.
Glynna Beechler~ East Coast Surrogacy Consultant

Glynna Beechler has been in the surrogacy community since 2004 and has had the privilege of being a Gestational Carrier twice. Glynna delivered a healthy baby girl in 2007 and another beautiful baby girl (via egg donation) in 2009 for two sets of happy Intended Parents. Being an Independent Surrogate, Glynna and her couples had to facilitate all of the arrangements for their surrogacy journey on their own. Glynna was not only a Gestational Carrier to her couples but also the surrogacy consultant as they maneuvered through this complicated process together. Using her organizational and communication skills, Glynna was able to guide her IPs to the outcome they dreamed of, adding a new baby to their hearts and homes.

Building trust and a strong relationship with each set of Intended Parents strengthened Glynnas resolve to educate others going through this overwhelming process so that their journeys are less complicated and filled with confidence as all parties move forward toward their dreams of building families together. Glynna will be available for in home consultations within the Greater Rochester area and has a willingness to travel across New York if requested.

Glynna holds a Bachelors Degree in Practical Ministry, and is a DONA trained Birth Doula and she is a Certified Childbirth Educator and recently recieved her Registered Nursing Degree (RN). Glynna is a member of The Doula Coop of Rochester and The Rochester Birth Network. Glynna is our 'Conception to Birth' consultant! 

Glynna resides in the Greater Rochester, NY area, married and the mother of four children.

Mary Carter~ Southern Surrogacy Consultant
Mary Carter
Mary Carter started her journey as a Gestational Surrogate in 2005. Mary has completed three successful surrogacys and her most recent twin birth was in 2011.  This American couple, who resided overseas at the time, was assured that in their absence they could rely on Mary's knowledge, experience, and trust in her to help make their dreams come true. 
In 2006 Mary delivered a beautiful baby boy for Intended Parents who live in Long Island and in 2007 boy/girl twins for Intended Parents who live in South Florida.  (Those "big twins" weighed 7.2 and 7.5 pounds!) Mary feels that surrogacy gives her the opportunity to make a huge difference in someone else's life. With Mary's many years of experience, LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting is excited to have her on board to guide and nurture those interested in building their family via surrogacy. Mary is available for in home consultations to those living with in the state of Florida and other parts of the South East.
Mary has been a paralegal for over 20 years and has worked in Employment, Family, Medical Malpractice and Patent and Trademark law and has worked for her current employer for 12 years. Mary's knowledge of the law has allowed her to assist friends and family with Divorce, Wills, and child support issues. Mary has a degree in Paralegal Studies and Real Estate and currently holds a Florida Real Estate License. 
Mary's hobbies include traveling the United States with her husband on their motorcycles.  They have visited all but 5 states in the US.  Mary is the founder and President of her own motorcycle club in which she is also the event planner for annual charity events including the Hug-A-Bear Ride which collects stuffed animals to provide to the local county Fire and Police Departments. These Departments give a teddy bear to a young child that has been traumatized by an accident, family disturbance or act of abuse.  Other annual events include Dice Run for Diabetes, School Supply Drive and Toy Runs.
Mary currently resides in Florida and is married with two children of her own. 

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