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LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting Services
Your Key to a Successful Surrogacy Experience

Your Key to a Successful Surrogacy Experience

LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting's main goal is to educate and guide Intended Parents in their search for information on Third Party Family Building. Our most popular package is a 3 hour session via phone consults along with educational materials sent directly to the IP's home. These materials are then reviewed together with one of our experienced consultants. Questions, concerns, and individual issues are addressed. This is the perfect program for International Intended Parents who want to learn about their surrogacy options here in the United States. Our clients also come from various agencies, clinics and attorneys and our fees are often refunded in part to the client via a discount from these professionals. 
Educational Manuals Just for Intended Parents
All you need to know about the surrogacy process explained here!
Hourly Consulting Services 
Our Hourly Consulting Service is formulated for those times when Intended Parents or Surrogates are simply overwhelmed with an issue or a problem before or during the surrogacy journey. Maybe you just found out that you need to find a Surrogate to help complete your family and have questions about the process or perhaps, you have matched yourselves through an online classified ad and don't know what the next steps should be. Maybe you found each other through a friend or relative and don't have the benefit of an agency, then hiring a consultant might be wise. Perhaps there are misunderstandings and relationship concerns during the pregnancy and you don't know where to turn. LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting has assisted a number of Surrogates and Intended Parents when clarification and guidance was most needed.
You can hire LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting for an hour at a time or ask about our consulting packages starting at 5 hours and up. This service includes phone consults and is e-mail communication based. We are dedicated to YOUR success and will use all of our expertise to assist you in reaching your goals! Choose the expert surrogacy consultant you feel would best suit your needs from our contact page and call today!                               
If you are an *International Intended Parent, LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting is equipped to educate you regarding Surrogacy in the United States. Materials are sent directly to your home and then times are arranged for your own private phone consultation. We also utilize Skype if that is your wish. This is a five hour educational package with materials. Contact us for details. 
*You must speak and understand English.
Remember that the first 20 minute consultation is free! 
*Scroll below for a partial list of topics, issues, concerns, and questions.
Private Consulting In Home 
Our Private and Personalized Surrogacy Consulting Program is structured for those who live in Greater Seattle, Washington who desire the Surrogacy Process explained in the comfort and privacy of their own home. (Out of area travel can be arranged at an extra charge). This program includes up to five hours of in-person consultation for up to four people and the materials to assist with the decision to move forward with a Third Party Family Building Plan. A complete packet of information is provided to each couple with invaluable guidelines, tips, and suggestions for a successful surrogacy experience. Larger groups are welcomed at an additional cost.
This is a bit different from our hourly surrogacy consulting services and is a comprehensive program that has evolved from years of expertise and personal experience within the Infertility Field and the Surrogacy Community. 
Below is a partial listing of what would be covered in our private meeting in your home whether you are the Intended Parent or Surrogate. It is common for clients exploring the Surrogacy Option to have others at their meeting who may be volunteering to be a surrogate/carrier or are just supporting this decision.   
Remember LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting is open to sharing information and educating all parties involved and that meetings can include up to four people for one low price. More can be added at additional cost. This can be two sets of Intended Parents, Intended Parents and their family members or Intended Parents and their chosen Surrogate and her partner for example.            
Call 727-458-8333 and talk with Sharon LaMothe to learn about our unique Surrogacy Consulting Programs!


Our LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting Full Service Package

LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting offers an entire surrogacy management package. This package is offered to those who have already found their surrogate though their own search be it a family member, friend, or through online classified ads. This Full Service Package includes the initial meeting plus assisting in all of the details of a surrogate arrangement without the matching process. Our package lasts from the time you pay our retainer, throughout the medical and psychological testing, contract negotiation , embryo transfers (max 3 transfers with the same surrogate), pregnancy and birth. Attending appointments and birth are included in this service with you only paying the additional travel expenses. Please call us for pricing and further details.
Here is a brief outline of some of the services included in this Full Service LaMothe Surrogacy Consultants Package:
Initial meeting including materials for you and your surrogate
Assisting you in finding a psychologist for the mental health screen
Helping with a health, life and disability policies if needed
Finding an attorney for the surrogate and Intended Parents 
Being available for embryo transfers and other appointments
Arranging to send verbal/e-mail agreements between parties to the attorney to be included in the contract
Coordinating and/or locating a RE/clinic to work with the surrogate arrangement (in the case of a satellite office if needed)
Assisting with locating a "surrogate friendly" OB office
Coordinating escrow/trust Accounts for the distribution of funds throughout the contract time frame
Assisting with mediation and/or counseling
General case management and support
Attending transfers/appointments and births
(Plus travel expenses)
Call LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting for your FREE 20 minute consultation to learn more about our services. 727-458-8333
LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting has assisted a number of Surrogates and Intended Parents when clarification and guidance was most needed. Listed are examples of questions, issues and concerns that are discussed during our consultations:
  • How much money should be paid and when to the surrogate during a surrogacy arrangement?
  • What are the medications involved and are there any side effects?
  • What are the over all costs involved in a surrogacy arrangement?
  • What types of issues are commonly in a surrogacy contract?
  • What questions should I ask my clinic now that I am considering surrogacy?
  • What should I ask my OB now that I want to be a surrogate?
  • How do I find a qualified surrogate?
  • What should I ask a surrogacy Agency?
  • What about asking my surrogate to carry donated embryos?
  • What about asking my surrogate to carry donated eggs?
  • What are the pros and cons of Traditional Surrogacy?
  • How is travel arranged in a long distance surrogacy situation?
  • How do we find a qualified psychologist for the evaluation?
  • Who should hold the money~ Recommended Escrow Services?
  • Where can we find a qualified reproductive attorney?
  • How do we find a clinic in our surrogates area for monitoring?
  • What appointments should the IP's really attend? What if IPs are located out of state? 
  • What do we do if there is a break down in communication between any of the parties involved? 
  • What happens if there is a miscarriage or stillbirth?
  • What happens if my surrogate/carrier is in breach of contract?
  • What happens if my Intended Parents are hard to communicate with?
  • What about insurance for the surrogate and baby?
  • What about after the birth, what type of relationship can be expected?

When you hire LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting we will provide you with the tools you need to handle these issues and more. You will feel that you have someone who understands the surrogacy process from the inside out. Please contact LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting for your free 20 minute conversation regarding your needs and concerns or to set up your own personalized, confidential and private consultation regarding your Third Party Family Building Options. We look forward to hearing from you! 727-458-8333


Going Independent?
That Does Not Mean You Have to Do It All Alone!
LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting
Can Support You Throughout Your
Entire Surrogacy Journey

or Just the Parts That You Need Help With!
Call 727-458-8333 for 
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